I love being a designer for many reasons. It combines my interests, strengths, and passions. I’ve always been drawn to activities that allow me to exercise my creativity. It’s more than just the aesthetics that attracts me to the field of design. It’s the challenge of transforming ideas into visuals that resonate with the intended audience. It’s the opportunity to collaborate with a team to spark ideas and learn from each other. It’s developing the strategies and discovering the insights that lead to a solution to a given problem. It’s the joy in helping clients discover and communicate their story across platforms that I find satisfying.

I did not set out to become a designer, rather I realized that I have always been a designer. I have a passion for creating. I have a natural affinity for color, composition, and typography I seek solutions to problems because I want to make something better, easier, or to help someone. I collect and review research to gain an understanding of the client and the project’s needs in order to make informed choices.

I originally majored in Psychology because I was interested in understanding the motivations behind people’s behavior. I declared a second major in Mass Communications because of my desire to inform, to share ideas and knowledge clearly and effectively. I studied design to understand the principles and theories that are essential to delivering effective solutions. These are the traits and skills of a designer, and they are what make me, me.

In discovering design, I discovered myself.