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Fright Fall 2021

In the Fall of 2021, my favorite digital design assets company (and friends), Retro Supply Co., organized an October drawing challenge called Fright Fall. They put together a list of prompts and those who wanted to participate would create a piece of artwork based on that prompt and share it on their social media using the hashtag, #FrightFall2021. There was an opportunity to win some prizes and each day the Retro Supply account would post a round up of some of their favorites, and those featured would win a limited edition sticker. I was very happy to be featured in the round up for day 13, Bad Luck.

I had so much fun participating in this challenge. I mean, drawing spooky stuff is fun, and I don't usually do it except for when I make Halloween cards, and I try to keep those cute. So, I got to push myself a bit and try some new things. To streamline the process I created one background texture that I would use for all the prompts and I stuck to a limited color palette. I made all of the illustrations on my iPad with the Procreate app. I took advantage of it's symmetry drawing assist feature for many of the pieces so I'd only have to draw half of the image and the other would automagically draw itself! I'm really happy with how most of them turned out and feel that I grew my skills during the process. It definitely got me out of my drawing rut by answering the "what should I draw" question for me. Here are some of my favorited from the 31 illustrations I created.

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illustration of a skull
illustration of a ghost and the word BOO!
illustration of a devi
illustration of a witch halloween costume mask
illustration of a moon with bats flying
illustration of a werewolf
illustration of a vampire
illustration of a mummy
illustration of a zombie
illustration of a bottle of poison
illustration of a broken mirror
illustration of a chainsaw
illustration of a grim reaper in a coffin
illustration of a clown
illustration of a chalice made of bones
illustration of a pirate
illustration of a shrunken head
illustration of a ouija board planchette
illustration of a graveyard
illustration of frankenstien
illustration of a witch and cauldron
illustration of a pumpkin patch
illustration of a knife with scary face reflected in it
illustration of an owl
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