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Piece of Cake

Ever since I moved away from my hometown in 2002, I've been making cards for all my nieces and nephews on their birthdays and holidays. At first I made them by hand, scrapbook style, but I really wanted to illustrate them, and when I went back to school to study design, I shifted from hand-made to hand-drawn (and digitally created). Now I create most of my card illustrations in Procreate on the iPad. Here are a few my favorite birthday illustrations from the past few years.

illustration of a cake character
illustration of a dog holding a big ckae
illustration of a red dog holding ballons
illustration of a mouse adding sprinkles to a cupcake
illustration of a mouse popping up out of a cake
illustration of a moue giving a cupcake to another mouse
illustration of a bunny holding ballons
illustration of a bunny baking a cake
illustration of a bunny wrapping a figt
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